The Colonnade Diner is located at 2000 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, New York with a very wide history. Whether you want to have pancakes in the evening or French Onion Soup in the morning, The Colonnade Diner serves all meals at all times of the day, and they taste with the highest quality possible with the freshest ingredients. In addition, the service here is very personalized to make sure that you have the highest quality experience at Staten Island’s #1 Diner. The Colonnade Diner has a wide array of food that’s definitely worth digging your teeth into and indulging because you will want to keep coming back. Check out our animated menu and learn more about our delectably, mouth-watering meals.

Established on Staten Island in 1975, the Colonnade Diner is Staten Island’s oldest diner. The Colonnade has an amazingly elaborate history, and has been family-owned and operated since 1975 by the Platis Family, a prominent family on Staten Island.
The Colonnade Diner started from humble beginnings and came in as a pre-fabricated building. In fact, this was Staten Island’s first prefabricated building to ever be created.


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This new menu will be very interactive and it will be lively and animated so it will be entertaining to you as a viewer. Here at the Colonnade Diner, our main goal is to entertain the customer and make the customer happy. Why sholud you be looking at a blank menu when you can be looking at an entertaining, animated menu.

Plan An Event
Whether you are having a banquet, dinner, celebration, special occasion, private party, dance party, conference, small convention, or any event that you wish to have, The Colonnade Diner will best serve you and your guests very well. The Colonnade Diner has a catering area that holds up to more than 75 people. Plan your event with us today!

Take A Virtual Tour
The Colonnade Diner has a wide history and is Staten Island’s most unique diner. Please feel free to take a virtual tour of our diner at your leisure. We have a wonderful virtual tour that will immerse you. The Colonnade Diner is more than just an eating experience, it is an immersion into art-deco history that’s really unique.

View Our Menu
View our unique menu that serves all meals at all times of the day. The Colonnade Diner has a wide array of food that tastes delicious and some of which tastes truly nutritious. Whether you want to have French Onion Soup in the morning or Waffles and Pancakes in the evening, you can do that right here at The Colonnade Diner.