Colonnade Diner From One Century to the Next

Colonnade Diner From One Century to the Next

Before cell phones, beepers, laptops, ipads or iphone, facebook or twitter…the Colonnade Diner has been a place for people to gather, whether it be early morning, middle of the day or late night, for good food and friendly atmosphere.

Decades later, the tradition continues. Over the years, we have gone through renovations, changes in décor, expansions, and additions to our physical location and now, we are happy to announce our expansion into the world wide web with our own custom website.

Here you can access all our menus, information about our party packages and private dining options, along with viewing photos of our amazing food, dining areas and private party room. Let’s not forget lots of other fun facts, history about our establishment, and much more – including virtual tours of our main dining area and private party room.

We will be posting information about upcoming events and other pertinent information as well, so visit and visit often both online and of course most importantly…. in person!